Family Therapy

Are you or a family member feeling unsettled following a period of transition, for example a birth, death, illness, divorce, relocation or work loss?

Is someone in your family struggling with a specific emotional or behavioural problem? Has there been a breakdown in communication within your family, for example between you and your child as they have entered adolescence?

Is your family struggling to cope with external pressures such as financial problems, external commitments and/or stress?

Our families absorb many of the stresses and strains from the outside world - and the pressures can sometimes erupt. Personal problems can overwhelm a family, so much so that it can feel as though there is no clear way forward. Other times, changes within the family leave other members confused, angry or hurt.

Perhaps you are a parent worried about your child's behaviour or how a divorce may impact on your family. You might be part of a stepfamily and need help adjusting, or you may be arguing with parents or siblings and need support communicating with each other. Seeking help enables family members to have a safe space to express their thoughts and feelings and to be heard.

If you feel this is something you – and your family- can benefit from, please contact me for further information.


  • Difficulties caused by alcohol and other substance abuse
  • Marital problems including domestic violence
  • Separation and divorce
  • Family life cycle and transitional stages of life issues
  • Parenting difficulties
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Loss
  • Bereavement

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